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Customizing Users, Customers, Vendors, Etc.
1) Orders Numbers And Inventory Lot Numbers Can Be Defined To Use Ranges
2) Default Sales Order Number Series for Customers or Customer - Ship To’s
3) Default PO Number Series for Vendors or Vendor–Received From’s
4) Default PO Number Series for Vendor Contract Packouts and Repacks
5) Default Number Series for Packouts and Repacks Input Sales Orders
6) Default Purchase Order Number Series for Vendor Contract Scale Tickets
7) Master Repack Purchase Order Number For Scale Ticket Contract Range
8) Master Sales Order Number For Input to Master Repack Purchase Order
9) Master Inventory Lot Number For Each Scale Ticket Contract Range
10) Inventory Lot Number Series For Vendors Or Vendor – Received From
11) Default Orders, Purchase Orders, Comments, Pricing And Promo Pricing
12) Using Default Sales Order and Default Purchase Orders

9) Master Inventory Lot Number For Each Scale Ticket Contract Range


Master Manifest Purchase Orders can be set up to be used in conjunction with Scale Ticket Purchase Orders. This allows Scale Ticket receipts to be combined to one Master Inventory Lot in the Master Manifest Purchase Order. Repacks can then be done from the one Original Inventory Lot.

That makes it much easier and more meaningful to track the results for that contract. This way, the entire vendor contract is tied to one original Inventory Lot, the Master Inventory Lot for that Contract.

The original Inventory Lot can be repacked any number of times into any number of generations and still tie back to the original Inventory Lot.

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